e-Mbizo Network Capabilities, Features and Benefits
Turnkey Wireless Solution

Our turnkey-driven service enables both business and government to rapidly deploy secure wireless-based networks. Whether for community WiFi, inter-branch WANs.

Carrier-grade Unified Communications

Innovation and enterprise productivity, comes at a price, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We are leaders in convergence and collaboration tools.

Optimized Cloud Performance

Cost-effectively access high end applications and technology systems through e-Mbizo’s cloud-based platform, without compromising on performance.

Smart Government and Enterprise

Today’s ever changing world requires our customers to be ahead of the developing trends. We deliver smart technology to help make sense of the data they collected.

Efficiently empower field staff with multitude of secured communication channels in use today, such as: email, voice and video, Instant Messaging, presence, calendar or scheduling, file sharing etc.


Throughout our business processes, we strive to embrace eco-friendly principles e-Mbizo solutions also adopted renewable energy in it’s business operations.