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Overview of our cloud solutions
Our Cloud Service and Platform Keeping your business software environment up-and-running is not probably your core business. We provide business applications for end-users with a high performance, because we understand that it is crucial for your business success. To securely scale your environment when needed provides you the capacity you need with reasonable cost. Assigning your environment operations to a trusted partner, like e-Mbizo, releases your resources for more value adding tasks. At the same time, you can reduce costs of having always trained and experienced experts taking care of your IT systems. All the above has led e-Mbizo towards building a solid cloud-based environment. e-Mbizo offers highly secured cloud-based solutions adjusted to your business needs. It helps to make more effective use of resources and make more efficient use of information systems through better integration and management.
Why Choose Us

World class internet connectivity.

Fast and configurable cloud platform
We are committed to always providing cheap and fast internet forever.
Bespoke environments
Tailored solutions give possibilities to improve your productivity output and communication, improve control and data transparency.
Pay-as-you-Go Plans
We provide you demand based pricing; you can be sure that your implementations are done with standardized methods and by experienced professionals.
Standardized Model
Standardization, volume benefits and lighter cost-structures provide cost benefits compared to more traditional service modes.
Credible Cloud Partners
e-Mbizo’s cloud strategy utilizes energy efficient and high security datacenter facilities through world-renowned partner network, with advanced cloud service capabilities.

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