The window of opportunity

The ICT industry generates R224 billion. When talking about telecommunications these days, almost all the calls made are VoIP based (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, which means the calls are transmitted digitally over the Internet, as opposed to the traditional analogue networks.

The demand for broadband or the internet is growing at a high rate and will continue to surge. South Africa needs people who can participate in this sector and become digital entrepreneurs.

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Turnkey Wireless Solution

Our turnkey-driven service enables both business and government to rapidly deploy secure wireless-based networks. Whether for community WiFi, inter-branch WANs.

Carrier-grade Unified Communications

Innovation and enterprise productivity, comes at a price, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We are leaders in convergence and collaboration tools.

Optimized Cloud Performance

Cost-effectively access high end applications and technology systems through e-Mbizo’s cloud-based platform, without compromising on performance.

Smart Government and Enterprise

Today’s ever changing world requires our customers to be ahead of the developing trends. We deliver smart technology to help make sense of the data they collected.

e-Mbizo hereby presents an opportunity for anyone who would like to take up this opportunity , from unemployed youth, people with disabilities, women, even those who are searching for a means to supplement their current income. We have numerous options in which you could participate in our partnership programme. Simply GET IN TOUCH WITH US!.


Wholesale services to resell to the market.

Mobile Apps

Custom mobile applications and services.


Enable your company to do business online.

Products and services

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Pricing plans

Becoming a partner with e-Mbizo is very simple

Join a partnership you’ll be proud of! Without any hassles.