Internet of Things Services
We are able to turn your idea into reality in a short space of time and allocate resources to ensure product is finished on time.
After intense consultation and detailed work-flows have been drafted for your project we start work on the code and hardware to ensure delivery time is met.
Live Proof of concept
Before you can go live with your IoT project we will set up a live environment for you to stress test and identify if it conforms to your original idea.
Public Deployment
Deploy the IoT project live on the internet with smart analytics engine utilizing IBM watson for big data analysis
Pioneering the Internet of Things (IoT) with a passion
With a plethora of business requirements in mobility and sensory networks or the Internet of Things (IoT) projects, driven by e-Mbizo, the first focus has always been on business processes. Our methodologies apply an innovative e-Mbizo approach – “The co-creation framework” - which brings your business needs in the centre of the mobilization and big data. This framework aims to generate ideas, calculate their business value and define the way for those ideas to be efficiently implemented. We offer deep industry know-how for various verticals. This makes sure that your IoT solution fits to your business process and provides a measurable value. We provide end-to-end big data sourcing and analytics services including strong consultancy, high competence in implementation and maintenance after the implementation.
Reliable expertise in the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT) and/or (IoE) domains
Our IoT Solutions and System Development team provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs and even to go beyond of these expectations Solutions are based on e-Mbizo’s long-term and deep knowledge of our focused industry knowledge in the company, such as Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation, Military, Environmental, Media, Retail, Logistics and Financial Services. Combined with world-of-class technology expertise in our selected domains. Always taking into account and pro-actively proposing solutions to be best fit in your specific requirements.
Sustainable IoT solutions and services is a natural part of our offerings
Sustainability is a megatrend that is affecting every industry - it is based on the understanding that economies and companies do not operate in a vacuum, but are tightly embedded into societies and the environment.
Data driven IoT platform
With e-Mbizo’s big data analytics-driven IoT platforms, you can meet your reporting, compliance, energy, and product safety needs:
Product safety and stewardship
Design and deliver sustainable, safe, and compliant products, while meeting regulatory and customer requirements.
Operational Risk Management
Prevent accidents, monitor processes and materials, and safeguard legal and safety requirements.
Energy and environmental resource management
Get real-time data about energy consumption. Compare it across all locations and systems and relate it to financial KPI's.
Sustainability reporting and analytics
Collect data and manage and communicate your sustainability performance in a quickly and cost-effective way.

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