Take your digital communications to the next level


High quality IP telephony service at low tariffs, with a virtual IP PBX hosted on the cloud for your business


A versatile messaging and campaign solution, through Bulk SMSs, USSD, Short codes and premium numbers.


High speed end-to-end turnkey last mile wireless networks, from point-to-point/multi-point MW links to Wi-Fi.


Reliable super fast broadband fiber solutions from Layer 2 to 3 access for FTTx nation-wide connectivity.


Agile design and development of mobile and web environments across multi-programming languages.


Powering SMEs through bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms providing business automation.

Broadband 4 All

As demand for broadband services continues to grow and prices continue to fall. e-Mbizo provides a comprehensive connectivity offering that includes a complete wireless solution, satellite, fiber packages.

With the lower turnaround time required for delivery and deployment of wireless infrastructure, as well as its wide reach, makes this an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. In addition, it is a great solution for previously under-serviced areas. .

We're constantly building e-Mbizo's dream team to develop and grow a plethora of diverse dgital products and services. With the exponential growth in broadband across Africa, e-Mbizo aims to be in forefront of innovation that will accelerate the continent's digital economy.

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Your Agile Applications Development Partner

e-Mbizo’s digital professional services team is geared to deal with more demanding requirements, with shorter product cycles. We can work in an environment with tightening budgets and rising competition as factors that set your business applications needs under high pressure. We help you to keep the pace in a rapidly changing business environments.
e-Mbizo's Application lifecycle management services takes total responsibility for the whole application delivery and its processes including operations, maintenance and new system development. Our services simplify applications management and operation and ensure availability, performance, continuity as well as your business applications' further development. Our ALM services are based on the proven best practices and governance model to manage solutions throughout the complete application lifecycle.

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