E-Mbizo has a strong infrastructure development business unit driven by the ever evolving broadband and digital landscape. Our engineering expatiates are broadly cover areas such as Civil, Electrical, Geotechnical and computer science.

Tower Management

Our tailor-made solutions include low-cost and rapid deployed cellular sites, single to multitenant cell-site solutions, and turnkey fiber-optic infrastructures. Our turnkey approach covers all stages of network deployment: • Network design • Planning and acquisition • Civil works • Equipment supply, installation, optimization and implementation • Active and passive infrastructure maintenance

Fiber Network

With advent of broadband technology in Africa, the recent influx in fiber network roll-out across the continent is bound to elevate the digital economy and evolve Africa’s connectivity landscape.
Data Center3

Data Center

Enjoy access to the best collocation hosting fees with e-Mbizo on the market. With hassle-free, same day setup. Simply plug in your server at our Data center Park and you are ready to go

Smart Sensor

A innovative data processing solution driven by a network of IP conncented sensecy devices and enabling both private and public organizations to collect real-time data.

Wireless Network



Our solution enable government cities to manage and reduces energy consummations with advanced technology such as smart LED street lighting alternative energy power generation power solutions.