Overview of e-Mbizo’s innovative products and services
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We have our own hardware which we use to deploy advanced and scalable cloud services at a short period of time to minimize cost on downtime.


With e-Mbizo switchboard and voice, you can select the best suited packages for your different user categories. There is no high initial investments with a pay as you go business model. Call using the best voice quality IP telephony service with highly aggressive rates for your mobile, household and business.


We have a small but experienced team of software engineers who are able to tackle large and complex systems in a short period of time


e-Mbizo provides Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions based on Microsoft technology platform. Main focus of the solutions is centrally managed international enterprises which increases visibility and collaboration across company business

Internet of Things

Our IoT Solutions and System Development team provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs and even to go beyond of these expectations Solutions are based on e-Mbizo’s long-term and deep knowledge of our focused industry knowledge in the company, such as Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation, Military, Environmental, Media, Retail, Logistics and Financial Services.


As demand for broadband services continues to grow and prices continue to fall. e-Mbizo provides a comprehensive connectivity offering that includes a complete wireless solution, satellite, fibre packages. With the lower turnaround time required for delivery and deployment of wireless infrastructure, as well as its wide reach, makes this an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. In addition, it is a great solution for previously underserviced areas.

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security Solutions can help detect, protect and respond to cyber security threats No organisation can afford to lose valuable data, or suffer downtime or financial loss, because of a cyber security breach. We provide the right solutions to keep your company’s network impenetrable. We use advanced security technology and innovative techniques to detect and deny any attempt to breach your system.
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In today’s workplace, messaging services are far from being a commodity for most organizations. Rapidly increasing user demands have led to custom deployments that are not being matched by cloud suppliers. The evolution of the messaging model in areas such as message hygiene, archiving, mailboxes, and unified communications are disrupting this space, leading to new and optimized delivery models that are cheaper and can be custom built to client requirements across user profiles in various industries.