Hosted Unified Communications
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Choose your embizo voice/pabx plan and request additional services on the package like virtual phone receptionists, line waiting and mobile routing .
Create your account
After accepting your package option and processing payment you can start creating your profile to start using our cloud voice/pabx services.
Configure your line
After creating your account you can now start configuring your voice line with our easy to use software meaning you can configure agents, call forwarding and call center operations faster.
Start Receiving Calls!
Open your business to more clients with our professional virtual line service
Our Hosted Unified Communications
e-Mbizo Solutions' carrier-grade network provides next generation data services, with both voice and video capability, providing a turnkey unified communications platform, mainly for Small to Medium Enterprises, Educational institutions, Health facilities, Government and Parastatal institutions. e-Mbizo Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a comprehensive platform with a combination of service packages that includes e-mail, instant messaging and collaboration, conferencing and voice services with several service categories and options to suit your requirements. With e-Mbizo’s hosted switchboard functionality, you can select the best suited packages for your different user categories. By utilizing our cloud-based PBX service there is no need for extremely high initial investments, just sign up with a pay as you go business model. As an ICASA licensed voice services provider, we have amongst the best voice quality IP telephony offering. e-Mbizo establishes a new way of offering, ordering, delivering and managing communications services. It is highly standardized, pre-integrated, permanently updated and ready to go. It is easy and fast to take into use, which is a great benefit when companies need to be agile in tackling the competitive market.
Why use our voice/pbx services
Fast and configurable hosted voice/pabx platform
We are committed to always providing cheap and fast internet forever.
A Local Number Range
Get your 087, 0800, 0860, 010, 012, numbers from e-Mbizo. You can use our numbers virtually on your mobile phone too.
Hosted Platform
Use modern communication and collaboration tools. Faster ways of working, faster collaboration and communications.
Improve time-to-market and productivity
Make and save money by simplifying processes and making your clock speed run faster than competition and reduce travelling costs up to 90%.
Cost Savings
We also offer highly aggressive rates for your mobile, household and business voice communications needs, up to 40% cheaper.

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