We are amongst the best voice quality IP telephony service providers in South Africa. As an ICASA licensed operator, we also offer highly aggressive rates for your mobile, household and business voice service.

With its concept of “openness, convergence, and innovation”, e-Mbizo is committed to building cost-effective, efficient collaborative office systems for enterprises.

e-Mbizo has highly competent global technical support teams to provide professional services and make quick, efficient response.

e-Mbizo’s Cloud-based Voice platform establishes a new way of offering, ordering, delivering and managing voice communications services. The service is highly standardized, pre-integrated, permanently updated and ready to go. It is easy and fast to take into use, which is a great benefit when clients need to be agile in tackling the competitive market.

Get your 087, 0800, 0860, 010, 012, numbers from us too.